Thursday, January 22, 2009

Star Trek: Heritage - A Break With Tradition


Star Trek: Heritage - A Break With Tradition
By T.L.Shull
Created by our friends at

ShadowKnight Productions

In 2413 the United Federation of Planets and its allies are once again at war. Exploration is on the backburner as Starfleet concentrates on defending the Federation's heart from a blood-thirsty and violent species from the Gamma Quadrant as well as a growing threat from a well-organized militia trying to disrupt a Romulan-Reman accord.

Now odd occurrences at its back door begin to cause the UFP alarm, right on the eve of the budding peace initiative in the region. Something or someone is murdering supply-ship commanders near the remote and normally calm edges of the Romulan Neutral Zone. The only eye-witness accounts describe the attackers as being ghosts.

Fresh off her fiery stint as the captain of a small Starfleet defense ship, the newly ordained commanding officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise-G, along with a tenacious band of defense ship commanders, are burdened with a task that will either bring peace to the region or will let the enemy run unabated through the galaxy, destroying everything the UFP holds dear...

...and really, what would that do to the family name?


T.L. Shull resides in The Land of Enchantment, in the hub of the American Southwest. When not working in the blindingly exciting world of insurance, she spends most of her free time frolicking in the realms of Star Trek. She is currently working on the remainder of the Heritage series and is also the author of the "pre-Nemesis" tale entitled Star Trek: The Next Generation - Retribution as well as other short stories and works that revolve around Next Gen and Enterprise. Her work can be found at the TrekUnited forums, The Omega Sector BBS or on your hard drive at your request. She can be reached at

A Break With Tradition is a ShadowKnight Production by Steff Watson and the author would like to thank her for her personal support, advise and production skills, without which this book would not have reached it's full potential.


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