Monday, January 19, 2009

Arc Of The Wolf - On The Nature Of Wind


Arc Of The Wolf - On The Nature Of Wind

By S.L.Watson

Created by our friends at

ShadowKnight Productions

The miracle worker. His name rings true throughout Federation history. When a problem arose his captain would call engineering and he would answer ever dilligently, "Aye." His name was Scotty. A more down to Earth, gutsy and all round honest engineer could never be found. He is the standard for all Starfleet engineers. He helped develop countless new technologies and served aboard the most famous starship of all.

Yet Scotty is a mystery to most. His origins are unknown as is his life before the Enterprise. Before that he was Montomery Scott, a quiet young man in a loud world. He had few friends and felt no personal connection to anyone. He was smart but alone. That's when he found his polar opposite and began a journey that would shape his life forever. A journey that would test his mind, body and soul. A journey that would endager his life.

A journey that would make him the miracle worker.

You can never predict which way the wind will blow.

Stephanie Watson (mostly known as Steff) primarily posts her fanfiction to her LiveJournal, but has been known to also hang around the Omega Sector BBS, Trek United and the TrekBBS. She primarily writes fanfiction for the Original Series, as well as occasionally tries her hand at fanart. She is an unabashed Scotty fan, and it probably shows. You can find her at, or you can look for her penname SLWatson just about anywhere you go.

On the Nature of Wind is a ShadowKnight Production, SL Watson's personal imprint.


"A heartwarming and rollicking adventure across classrooms and the high seas. If you download one Star Trek fanfic, make it this one!"

R.Shelkey, Davisville Village Media Review-O-Rama.


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