Monday, January 19, 2009

Embers Of The Fire


Embers Of The Fire
By Sam Redfeather
Created by our friends at

ShadowKnight Productions

The Constitution-class starship Gibraltar was mothballed by Starfleet in the late 23rd century, and has now been resurrected in the first months following the devastating Dominion War. Though upgraded significantly, the vessel is still ninety years old and easily outmatched by most modern ships. This once proud heavy cruiser has now been relegated to escort duties, helping to safeguard relief convoys to the shattered worlds of the Cardassian Union that now languish under Federation and Klingon stewardship.

Command of the Gibraltar has been given to a reluctant and inexperienced new captain who finds his crew comprised mostly of the castoffs from the rest of the Fleet. Though they are not the best and the brightest ever assembled, they will have to learn to function as a team in the dangerous and uncertain times ahead as the Federation and their allies attempt to pick up the shards of the past and forge a new future for the quadrant.

On their first mission, the crew quickly discovers not everyone shares the Federation's vision for Cardassia's future. Gibraltar becomes embroiled in a fight-or-flight engagement over a beleaguered Cardassian colony, where Starfleet's allies may prove as dangerous as the insurgents struggling to expel the Federation presence from their territory.


Embers of the Fire is the first volume of Sam Redfeather's Star Trek: Gibralter series, which currently has over a half-dozen works ranging from full-length novels to vignettes. His homebase is United Trek, a website and forum of ten authors writing in twelve series that share the same continuity and represents an amazingly broad and rich body of work. He is also active on the TrekBBS and

Sam welcomes feedack on his home forum at United Trek. He owns and uses a Sony PRS-505 eBook reader.

This edition of Embers of the Fire is a ShadowKnight Production.


"A gut-wrenching, socially relevant tale that is a wonderful introduction to the Star Trek Gibraltar series and the United Trek universe."
DarKush, creator of the Dark Territory series


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