Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Star Trek: Aldrin - The Enemy Within


Star Trek: Aldrin - The Enemy Within
Written & edited by Derek Kessler

After several years of war with the allied powers of the Alpha Quadrant, in 2375 the Dominion was defeated and surrendered unconditionally. Not all in the Dominion were on board with the surrender and soon after their retreat to the Gamma Quadrant, the Dominion isolated itself. But before they retreated, they left something behind.

Five years later, the Federation launches its newest Starfleet ship, the advanced U.S.S. Aldrin, equipped with the latest futuristic weapons and defense systems. The ship is sent to explore the Gamma Quadrant, but before they can even leave Earth, the Dominion's plot is set into motion and threatens to reignite the war with devastating consequences.


Derek Kessler lives in Cincinnati, Ohio where he is studying engineering and serving in the Ohio Army National Guard. He is also the forum administrator and news editor of the Star Trek news and community website Trek United. In addition to The Enemy Within, Derek has written two other Star Trek: Aldrin novels: Diplomatic Protocol and Shadows in the Darkness, and is currently working on book four: The Other Shoe. All three works can be found on the Trek United forums.


Click on the book cover above to go to the 12 Days Book Page where you can flick through the pages on the mini-viewer (Choose full screen for easy viewing).

Click on the Issuu site and choose 'Download' to read a copy offline using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Membership to Issuu needed for download.

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