Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Leap of Faith


A Leap of Faith
By House Abukoff
A TrekUnited Fan Press production

These are three episodes from a new Star Trek: Enterprise, Virtual Season 5 ...

...Continuing from the tragic ending of the fourth season episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, "Terra Prime", two babies of mixed Vulcan and human parentage face a deadly threat. The lives of two families are linked across the centuries in a race that will decide the fate of the Romulan Empire!

...A rescue mission to repair a colony's biodome is made more complicated by the "help" of the trickster from the Q Continuum. Starring Porthos!

...Of all the starships named Enterprise one has been shrouded in mystery. Of all the captains of the Enterprise one has stood out above all. Before the NCC-1701 was built there was another Enterprise - and another Kirk!


These are the first three episodes in a planned Virtual Season 5 for Star Trek: Enterprise, continuing the adventures without the restrictions of networks, ratings and production costs. A group project, headed up by Kapact of House Abukoff, you can read more about it at their website.


Click on the book cover above to go to the 12 Days Book Page where you can flick through the pages on the mini-viewer (Choose full screen for easy viewing).

Click on the Issuu site and choose 'Download' to read a copy offline using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Membership to Issuu needed for download.

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